Dr. Tony I. Oreskovich

Oreskovich Dental Clinic was opened in 1965 by Tony's father, Dr. Tony I. Oreskovich.

He was more than a dentist to thousands of Puebloans that he treated over a career that spanned almost 50 years... he was also their friend, said childhood pal Carl Cascio of Pueblo.

“He was the kindest, warmest person you could meet. Unlike a lot of doctors and dentists, he was warm and affectionate, and patients loved him,” Cascio said.

“He listened to people,” said his wife, Rosalie Oreskovich. People came to tell him their problems, and “he’d listen and give them hugs,” she said.“He had great compassion and was a tireless worker,” Tony G. Oreskovich said.

Oreskovich’s other interests included working with stained glass. He made windows and lamps in the basement of his office building. When there was a patient cancellation, he would tackle his stained-glass projects. Oreskovich earned his dentistry degree at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.

Sadly, Dr. Oreskovich passed away in 2010 at the age of 75.

After working side by side with his father for many years, Dr. Tony I. Oreskovich decided to care for his father's patients as well, rather than bring another dentist into the practice.

Tony continues to practice dentistry and carry on the legacy established by both himself and his father. And, like his father, Tony also earned his degree in dentistry at Creighton University.

Together with his professional and friendly staff they offer the same quality dental care that began with Dr. Tony I. Oreskovich in 1965.

Dr. Tony G. Oreskovich